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The Lenoir Voice is a media social enterprise serving the people of Lenoir and beyond as “The Independent Voice of Western North Carolina.”

Covering the people ‘Igniting the Spirit of Peace through the Arts’

Andrew Massey ftr

Andrew Massey of Lenoir, who performs solo and in at least two local bands, is just one of dozens of young musicians carrying on the rich musical tradition of Caldwell County

Our “Independent Voice” is on display through the people we cover. We hope we can be part of returning our home to one that is at peace, not divided by partisan fanaticism. It is our experience that the best way for that to happen is for the performance and creative arts to thrive. Indeed, they “Ignite the Spirit of Peace.” The arts are the universal language. So, instead of the previous menu of political and news reporting/commentary, we will now be covering Folk and Americana art, music, storytelling, poetry and more.

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