Now, the People Speak

Heated campaigns, warm weather bring out voters

LENOIR, N.C. — Early voting began in North Carolina yesterday, and the stakes are high. Tar Heel voters are being courted heavily by both presidential campaigns, there is a gubernatorial election and a U.S. Senate election that has had more plot twists in a week than an a House of Cards episode. Meanwhile, the county has seen a rather nasty School Board race, so folks have plenty of motivation to vote.

And they did. In fact, enthusiasm was such that social distancing and wearing facemasks were clearly considered optional by many voters.

With heated campaigns, sunny skies and temperatures in the seventies, voters turned out in heavy numbers, though official totals from the Caldwell County Board of Elections have not yet been received. Still, these photos from the early voting location below the library in Lenoir tell the story.

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