Schreiber Looks to Replace Hall in NC House

Pledges to champion working class needs

LENOIR, N.C. — Corie Schreiber, a first-time Democratic candidate for office, has taken on a significant first political challenge — unseating Destin Hall, a Republican lawyer seeking his third term representing Caldwell County in the House of the North Carolina General Assembly.

Schreiber explains below why she is seeking to replace Hall.

Q: Why are you seeking to serve in the North Carolina General Assembly?

Corie Schreiber

Schreiber: I want to serve in the North Carolina General Assembly because I saw a need in my community. For the last several years, we have been represented by the same person and I wanted to make sure that the people of the community that I love had a choice when it came to who their representative was. I want to help make this the best possible place to live and raise our children and to do that, someone needed to step up and say, I’m willing to try. I am someone and I am willing to try.

Q: What experiences, qualifications and talents do you possess which you believe will serve you well in the House?

Schreiber: I have lived in Caldwell County for over twenty years. I have a Communications degree from Appalachian State University. I have been in customer service for half of my life.  I have spent the last three years working with at risk communities in the area. Alone, these things do not necessarily make a good representative, but together? Together, I believe that they make me the best possible person for the position. I can talk to anybody, even those that are difficult to get along with. I know what the people in my community need and for those things that I do not know yet, I am willing to listen and learn. Nothing is more important to me than making sure that the people of Caldwell County are treated fairly among the other larger counties in the state and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Q: What will be your top priorities as a member of the North Carolina General Assembly?

Schreiber: My number one priority when it comes to being a member of the General Assembly will be Medicaid expansion. So many people in our county and our state do not have access to the medical treatments that they need because they cannot afford health insurance. I will fight every single day to make sure that those people are not left out in the cold or forgotten about.  Everyone deserves the right to see a doctor when they are sick and to get preventative treatments so they don’t get sick to begin with. A healthy community is a productive community, so if you want to get the state’s economy back on track, you need to make sure that the people who live here are healthy first. Another one of my priorities is public education. My father has been a public school teacher for forty years, twenty of them in Caldwell County. I know better than most what teachers are going through and what they need from the government to help make their jobs easier so that they can better take care of our community’s children.

Q: What do you believe the state government can do to prioritize the needs of the poor and vulnerable?

Schreiber: The COVID-19 crisis proved one thing above all about the state of North Carolina.  They were not equipped to handle a crisis. I was one of the thousands of people in North Carolina who found themselves unemployed due to the pandemic. It took over a month for my unemployment benefits to go through and I have many friends who never saw any benefits at all. It does not surprise me that many people feel like the government left them behind. I understand that the economy is important and we need to get everything back on track, but to do that, the government needs to first take care of its vulnerable citizens. There is no reason why children in North Carolina should be going to sleep hungry. There is no reason why parents should have to work two and three jobs to keep their homes and families fed. If we focus on Medicaid expansion and making sure that our unemployment offices are fully prepared for all the cases that they see, I believe that the state will be in a much better place than it was at the start of the pandemic, should it ever happen again.

Q: What will you do to maintain contact with and effectively serve the voters of Caldwell County in the legislature?

Schreiber: When I first filed to run for office, I put my personal cell phone number down as a contact number. I also made my personal Facebook page completely public. I believe that, as a public servant, I needed to be completely transparent and open to anyone who wanted to know who I was or wanted to get to know me. That will not change if I am elected. The most important part of being a representative is truly representing your community and if they are not able to get hold of you, how can you possibly represent them? I want everyone in Caldwell County to know that any time day or night, I am available to listen and learn and help the people of my community.

Nothing is more important to me than making sure that the people of Caldwell County are treated fairly among the other larger counties in the state and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.” — Corie Schreiber

Q: Is there anything you would like to add as voters consider your candidacy?

Schreiber: I want the voters to know that I know I am young and I know that I am inexperienced but I promise you that no one will work harder for you than I will. Someone who shows up every single day ready to work and ready to do what is necessary to make sure that we live in the greatest community in the world is more important than being the smartest or having the most experience. I promise, from the bottom of my heart, that I am ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that the voices of the people of Caldwell County are heard in Raleigh.

To learn more about Schreiber, visit her Facebook page.

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