ECU Poll: Biden Leads Trump in NC

Tillis edges ahead of Cunningham in U.S. Senate race

GREENVILLE, N.C. — The first presidential debate and President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus have contributed to Joe Biden holding a four-point lead over the president in North Carolina according  to a new poll conducted by East Carolina University (ECU).

According to Dr. Peter Francia, Director of the Center for Survey Research, major events over the past week may explain Biden’s uptick since the last ECU Poll. “Although debates are rarely, if ever, a consequential factor in election outcomes, President Trump’s very aggressive style in Tuesday night’s debate with Joe Biden may have backfired on him,” said Francia. He added, “The coronavirus is also dominating news coverage again. As our polling results show, more North Carolina voters disapprove than approve of President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.” In the elections for U.S. Senate and governor, Francia remarked, “Since late February, our polling results have consistently shown a statistical tie in North Carolina’s U.S. Senate contest and a double-digit lead for Roy Cooper in the race for governor. Put simply, not much has changed. The Senate race remains a toss-up, while Governor Cooper is the clear favorite to win re-election.”

Biden’s edge has increased two points since the ECU poll last month, and Tillis has moved from a tie to just a one-point edge, though the poll was conducted before new reporting today from Politico that Cunningham had an extramarital affair in July. Last week, Cunningham admitted sending sexually explicit text messages. He has not commented on today’s story.

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