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Caldwell’s ever-present Troubadour keeps us informed about WNC’s great musicians

Patrick Crouch

LENOIR, N.C. — Yesterday, we provided an update from Caldwell County’s ever-present troubadour, Patrick Crouch. Following is the balance of that email. Let’s thank Patrick and all of our musician friends by finding ways to follow and encourage them. — MMB (Note: Some FB links would not post, so contact Patrick if you need to know more).

Caldwell Blues Musician J.J. Hipps

Michael Reno Harrell has been in a creative vein with his visual artistry lately. Get on over there to or  to get the latest information from MRH.

Liquid Roots owners Taylor and Katie Brummett; Jamie and Tommy Brubaker

Our friends at Liquid Roots in Lenoir are now open with distancing and outdoor seating. They are featuring their finest beers and food provided by Infusion Smokehouse food truck. Here is a link for more information:

­Golden Ticket Cinema Twin on Hwy 18 in Lenoir is hosting a Drive-In Music Show on Thursday, August 27 featuring The Benson and Trouvere. The music starts at 6 pm. You just drive-in, pop your tailgate, tune in your radio and enjoy the show. Here is a link for more information: 

Please remember to check out our musical friends online whenever you can.

Mark Bumgarner has a new release Just Above the Waterline.

I listened to the recording yesterday. I am so proud of “Bum!” He has carried these musical ideas around for a long time, all the while chipping away to manifest his creativity. He not only wrote or co-wrote all of the songs, he created the arrangements, played the majority of the instrumental tracks, set-up the studio, produced, engineered, and mixed the project. Paddy says, “Try that one day in your spare time boys and girls!”  These originals are being touted as “Southern Americana.” You may find Mark’s music here:

Our dear friend, Emily Schaad has online fiddle lessons available! Emily pulls more sound out of a fiddle than anyone I have ever witnessed. She has incredible drive and character in her playing.  Emily’s bowing and intonation techniques will help you improve any style of music. There are many different classes being offered. See this link for more information:

Si Kahn continues to amaze me. I get tired out just wondering what he is thinking! Be sure to subscribe to Si’s newsletter, he has new stuff on a regular basis.

Here is Si’s latest, “Freedom is a Constant Song.” 

Si has thousands of songs dedicated to human triumphs and struggles. You may find his “Custodian” here:

Please check out the Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina and click “Like” to show your support for North Carolina music.  I can’t think of an easier way to let folks know that traditional music is a valuable and renewable natural resource.   If you want more information or wish to get involved in Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina you may contact Dale Bartlett-Music Trails Coordinator at

Brandon Holder at the Jones House has been collaborating with Mark Freed to release some videos of Doc Watson Day in Boone. Here is a link to the Jones House and some of the videos already available. Be sure to click on all of the tabs to get a wealth of information about our local music scene.

Eric Stafford and Paige Counts program music shows on our local Caldwell County Today TV show. This is the Caldwell County Government TV show which airs on Charter Cable Channel 190. You may contact Eric and Paige if you wish to contribute.

Ronnie Hendrix has a lot of videos available to view and share on his Facebook page, Western North Carolina Music. Ronnie supports local music and he is a digital pioneer.

Tall Paul and Kristie were some of the first to hit the “streamwaves.” These folks work tirelessly spreading music and joy wherever they go. They do several shows each week. You may enjoy their talents here:

Eric Erdman is the quintessential singer/songwriter. I enjoy his music and know you will too.

Will Willis performs with The Older Brothers and also as a solo. He is a wonderful musician and time-tested friend. You may see what he is up to here:

Thomas Aaron Garlow has a new release Waterfalls available here: Thomas also has videos and information about his music  available here:

Michael Wilson Knowles does some mighty music blending his originals with classic rock and roll. Michael does a lot of live streaming.

Michael Knowles plays guitar and David Frye plays drums. Both sing.

Mitch Clark is the hardest working man in show business around these parts. He plays a ton of live shows and works to promote local musicians. You may see Mitch on a live stream here:

L. A. Freeman has hosted a live jam in Hickory for many years. Now he does it via satellite and Duke Power. You may see L. A. and assorted local musicians here:

Milan Miller is a friend to Caldwell County musicians. He is having quite a bit of success with his original music these days. Please give him a listen:

Roger Miller performs with Backstreet and also in smaller groups. He has a huge repertoire of traditional music and he writes some good ones too. He has been kindly putting up some of his favorites:

Bob Henson is well known as a member of the Neighbors band. Bob can be found pickin’ and singin’ about 27 hours a day, eight days a week.  You may hear Bob live here:

Andrew Massey

Andrew Massey and the Midnight Americans are playing mostly original material these days. Andrew works as a solo performer and is also a member of Sycamore Bones. Check out Andrew and the bands here:

Dwight McGlynn has new music available. His band, Trouvère, will release a new recording in the next few days. You may get more information about Dwight here: ,

Louis Beeler and his lovely wife Karen were way ahead of the digital curve with their Tiny Stage Concerts. You may view those masterpieces here:

The Benson perform at Liquid Roots in Lenoir (pre-pandemic)

The Benson is a three-piece band that has created a “happening” in downtown Lenoir. Their open mics at Liquid Roots are phenomenal. You may stay in touch with AJ Herrick, Daniel Reece, and Ryan Cavanaugh here:

Terry Edwards is one of my favorite singer/songwriters. He has a lot of experience in the music business.

Terry Edwards

My favorite reverend, Rhonda Smith, has a livestream happening these days. It is Heartsong! Hymn Requests. You may watch and request at this location:

The Kruger Brothers are putting out a lot of livestreams and Jens even has some banjo lessons available. You may find their complete schedule here:

Shelby Rae Moore is a musician I met before she was born. I am proud to say that I have been playing music with her grandfather, Cecil Palmer, for over forty years. Shelby embodies a family tradition using her Uncles Brent and Chet in the Shelby Rae Moore Band.

My friend Josh Burchette created Quarantined Caldwell Musicians and friends. He has many fine performances documented here. Take a look and a listen:

Rodney Sutton is at it again in his “old age!” Just when I thought he was plum’ tuckered out, that boy is teaching dance lessons right here:

Justin Clyde Williams is a Caldwell County musician who is making considerable progress with his songwriting and performing. Justin has long been a favorite of mine and I appreciate his humanity as much as his music. Maybe I just appreciate his music because he puts so much humanity into his songs. His brief reflection on our current situation will give you some insight into his character.

Pat Kelleher is our friend from Dripsey, Ireland. Pat has a brilliant repertoire of Irish and American tunes. You can find him here:

The Stephen and Abby show is not to be missed. Stephen O’Dea and Abby Ni Loingsigh are young Irish musicians who play many styles of music with passion and soul. They have toured many parts of the world and their repertoire is amazing.

I forgot to give an update on Tommy and Saundra O’Sullivan. They seem to be living safe and behaving for the most part. You may stay in touch with Tommy and Saundra here:

Brandon Godman is a dear friend of the Strictly Clean and Decent boys and girl. He lives way out on the West Coast, but he shares his music often. You may see and hear Brandon here:

David Peterson is on an incredible musical journey. I follow David’s page and always appreciate his music. He is doing it single-handedly and doing it very well. You’ll find him right here:

The Caldwell Chamber of Commerce has a link on their webpage titled “Explore Caldwell.”  The link provides information on events taking place all around Caldwell County. You should check this out if you are having visitors this summer or if you are talking to folks about the rich heritage of Caldwell County.

The finale of a Caldwell Traditional Musicians Showcase. There will be live music again!

I have listed most of the folks that I have watched in action over the last few weeks. I am sure I have omitted someone and I did not do that intentionally. I’ll add more folks to this letter as time goes on.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information on any of these friends.

Thank you for supporting live music.

Keep ‘em in tune boys and girls,


Courtesy Article. Home page photo by Marius Masalar on Unsplash