Philip Price for Congress

Western North Carolinians deserve a working person to represent them in Washington

LENOIR, N.C. — If you want a working class person who understands working class issues representing you in Washington, D.C., The Lenoir Voice recommends that Democrats and Unaffiliated voters in the 11th Congressional District (Western North Carolina) vote for Philip Price for the U.S. Congress during the Democratic primary, which has begun with early voting.

In doing so, you will be picking a small business owner who has worked his nails to the quick while the GOP incumbent, Mark Meadows (who considers the district a nice place to visit, but essentially makes Washington, D.C. his home), has spent his time accumulating power though the so-called Freedom Caucus rather than serve his constituents, as he was elected to do.

You can learn more about Price and the other Democratic candidates wishing to replace Meadows at a forum in Morganton tonight.

Price_LogoBlue-e1522788048390.jpg FTRThe Lenoir Voice endorses only those candidates who understand that most Western North Carolinians are primarily blue collar and do not want much, but we do wish to be paid a fair wage, have access to “Medicare-for-all” health insurance, and be able to support our families on just one job. We support candidates that understand that. Philip Price is the candidate that gets that.

Early voting has begun and runs through May 5. The Primary is May 8. There are two early voting locations in Caldwell County — the ground floor of the Alden E. Starnes Building on West Avenue in Lenoir and the Granite Falls Recreation Department.

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