Tucker’s Barn, Part 3

Singer & Songwriter’s Series continues this Thursday at 1841 Café

LENOIR, N.C. – Singer-songwriters Andrew Massey of Sycamore Bones, Thomas Garlow and Zoe Lafemina will be performing their own music in the third installment of the Tucker’s Barn Singer & Songwriter Series 2016 concert season. The concert is scheduled for Thursday, June 2 at the 1841 Café in downtown Lenoir, from 7 – 9 p.m. Each concert in the series benefits the scholarship programs at James C. Harper School of Performing Arts.

Tuckers Barn logoAccording to the school’s website, “Drawing on the rich musical heritage of Caldwell County and the surrounding area, the James C. Harper School of Performing Arts provides high quality musical and performing arts instruction that fosters the creative instincts of its students. Through individual and group classes, rehearsals, recitals, concerts and workshops, the school offers a nurturing environment for students of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and financial circumstances.”

An example of the original music that will be heard is a tune Massey wrote called, “Girl.” He shared, “I actually wrote it for my wife when we just started dating. Essentially it’s about wanting to know somebody more. But it’s not about physical intimacy, it’s about relational intimacy. Mining for diamonds is one of the metaphors in the first verse. It’s about digging to build that knowledge and intimacy.”

Massey’s tune, “Girl” is rooted in natural imagery and expresses a universal theme, expressed by musicians and poets for centuries – looking for a lifelong love.  The first verse is: “Girl: / Every time I look in to your eyes / My heart, it gets a little bit jealous sometimes / Of all that you’ve got on inside your mind / I’d like to mine the diamonds underneath your sky.”

Tuckers Barn postcard

A postcard depicting a view from Tucker’s Barn.

The Tucker’s Barn series is aligned with the schools’ mission of drawing on the county’s rich musical heritage and home-bred talent. The Tucker’s Barn concert series runs through September. They are held the first Thursday of every month at 1841 Café.

Stephenie Oxford, a member of the Harper School board, said that this is the third year of the series. It derives its name from the original name of the settlement that eventually became known as Lenoir. A brief history of Tucker’s Barn can be read here.

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